Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The summer of WIMAX??

It looks like it may be a summer when some WIMAX experiments are launched in Latvia, aimed, however, at different markets. Unistars, a provider of wireless broadband for business, is probably going to start a major marketing campaign to raise its profile in the B2B sector, presenting WIMAX as a platform for secure and cost-effective access to business processes. Telecentrs, a rival, may also launch its wide-area broadband solution as soon as June or July, possibly with more of a consumer and household oriented approach.
Anyway, with Triatel already offering small-business and household «in a box» wireless internet and telecommunications solutions, and with Bite promising to offer HSDPA with stable 2 Mbps when it launches its 3G service in the fall, it looks like a boom-time and wide range of choice for those who don't want their netsurfing or even their business process platform at the end of a length of copper wire.


Jüri Kaljundi said...

We have 2 Wimax providers in Tallinn active for quite some time, Baltmax ( and click rus in the top right corner) and Norby ( - rus).

Juris Kaža said...

Great. What do I do after I click rus? Do you have any good teach-yourself-Russian sites :) :) :)??
I grew up in the US. But thanks for letting me know you already have Wimax.
It is, after all, E-stonia :).

Anonymous said...

I'm not so sure that Estonia is so far ahead. Baltmax has tried Navini, which is not WiMax, for sure, then their budget quickly dried up and now they are sub-renting frequencies to Elion (outside big cities). Norby uses Alvarion equipment, which is not certified WiMax equipment either.
Anyway, regarding Latvia: never heard that Telecentrs do any kind of residential service. So far, they have been so focused on VPNs (last one, I guess, for Daugavpils provincial government)

Juris said...

Only problem with Triatel is, that you cant get any IP service on your side - built in firewall block anything, and triatel dont change that:-/ So not in use for anything more than websurfing ...javascript:void(0);
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Artyom said...

I guess that Unistars will launch another Alvarion preWiMax service and use it only as bitpipe for internet and leased line access without fixed telephone service at the beginning. From the technology side - VoIP on WiMax should work better than on CDMA, but not so good as on LMDS.

Zahhar said...

Just to clear what Anonymous said: it is not true, that BaltMAX is sub-renting its frequencies to Elion or any other company. It is bullshit, because sub-renting is not allowed from the Estonian Department of Communications (Sideamet in Estonian). Elion uses it's own frequencies it got legally from Sideamet.