Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Fun to be virtual and take out that wrench?

Telekomunikāciju grupa (TG), the Latvian alternative operator, is planning to join the growing number of virtual mobile operators of one kind or another buzzing along on Bite Latvija's network. The regulator has issued them 50 000 numbers for this purpose.
TG largely serves a business clientele, so that their virtual service will probably be business-oriented and probably linked to the launch of Bite's long-awaited business class services such as HSDPA and flat-fee mobile internet.
Meanwhile, it seems that the government can instruct the state-owned Latvian State Radio and Television Center (LVRTC) to sell its 23% stakeholding in Latvian Mobile Telephone should that be needed to complete a deal with TeliaSonera (see earlier posts). That doesn't really make the possible Chinese firedrill of a deal any easier (49 % of Lattelekom minus 23% of LMT for 28 % of LMT plus just over 11.5 % of LMT, hold the other 49 % of 23 % of LMT that Telia Sonera indirectly holds through Lattelekom. Now repeat...). Oh yes, add cash. Lots.

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