Monday, June 26, 2006

Fiber in the Lattelecom diet

Lattelecom's subsidiary Citrus Solutions will soon announce that it is offering to run fiber to the home (FTTH) in all new housing projects going up in Latvia, starting with the greater Riga area. This is a direct response to Latvenergo, the power utility's, FTTH projects at a new apartment block and a single family housing development in the Latvian capital. FTTH can deliver 100 Mbps or more, practically unlimited bandwidth. A significant deployment of FTTH will put Latvia in the forefront of this technology, about the only one that can compete with some of the high speed wireless stuff, like my 300 to 600 Kbps in the summer cottage yard Triatel connection, HSDPA (coming this fall) and some WIMAX or pre-WIMAX technology to be deployed by Unistars and Telecentrs. Look, also, for Lattelecom's fiber-to-the curb/building that will run up to 24 Mbps into urban residences and offices.
The illustration is of how it is to sit here, random mosquitos hovering, on the Triatel connection.

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