Thursday, June 29, 2006

Headhunters, tarbabies and beekeepers

You read it here first.
After the company formerly known as MicroLink and quickly switched to Lattelecom Technology bit its own head off (or rather, the head at the time bit itself off :) ), Lattelecom was forced to bring in a headhunter to go out into the Latvian IT jungle and find – well, a suitable head.
The head has been found and was carried back from the local encampment of a pretty large beast found south of the Polar regions. The head has already been displayed to the Lattelecom Technology tribe and will be put on public display next week, when it will speak.
The head has some very useful knowledge of banking-related IT, something that will help Lattelecom technology expand its offerings in this area (together, perhaps, with Lattelecom BPO).
Also look for Lattelecom to perhaps drop its "tarbaby" deal for the Latvian e-signature (together with the Latvian Post Office), which subjects all of its business to the often cumbersome public procurement process. This is too much of a business risk and the company is looking for an exit before it has to issue a tender and go through three appeals to buy Nils Melngailis (the CEO) a new pen.
Finally, looking to the longer term, the idea of Lattelecom acquiring its own mobile operator is still very much alive in the airy regions where little birds whisper to bloggers. The beekeepers should be on the alert, especially if they decide to part with some of their outlying hives.
And, apropos nothing as the Swedes would say (apropos ingenting), Bite Latvija signed up its 100 000th customer, a lady from (WTF is...) Aizkraukle. She got 100 000 free minutes on her Bite account. So she can spend almost 70 uninteruppted 24 hour days telling the world WTF Aizkraukle is ...

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