Thursday, June 22, 2006

More comments, please :)

My post about surfing under the shady apple tree generated some nice longer comments from Solnyshok and other readers. This is great stuff, I really want to see the blog become a bit more of a community of opinion and information.
Putting the brakes on high volume file transfers is not unique to wireless operators such as (allegedly) Triatel. My oldest son, a student in Umeå, Sweden was sharing an apartment (one of several residences of the nomadic young) with another person, which had a 10 Mbps internet connection. One of their first roomate debates was "who blew the limit" of some dozens of GB allowed by the fixed network ISP. There is also some limit on the use he can have at his present student dormitory room which has symetrical 10/10 internet access.
I am waiting for Bite to launch its HSDPA 2 Mbps service in the fall (I will be back in town then :( ). This is the real rival to EV DO and fixed line DSL in summer cottages and outlying single family houses (which sounds like Solnyshok's living arrangements?). Then again, if Triatel gets some 850 Mhz frequencies, they may be able to match HSDPA Mb for Mb. I hope Bite will offer some kind of free standing transciever for the fixed user who wants to link it to a WiFi home network. After all, they promise 22 channels of TV, and it is better viewed on a monitor than a phone screen.
If I have time, I may post most of a raw transcript of my interview with Michael Bäck, the Ericsson vice president in charge of HSDPA. I talked to him in May, some of the interview went into my paper, but it didn't, for various reasons, get into IDG News, for whom I also string.

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