Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Lattelecom and Big Blue up to something?

Lattelecom is hosting some IBM honchos, whom I will meet later in the day. The gist of this is that something interesting is going on. Clearly, whatever its plans for steroidizing the DSL connections of its customers, Lattelecom realizes that all that does is make a fatter bit pipe. And nobody wants to be left holding just the bit pipe.
So my guess is that there is some kind of corporate network/application provision idea in the works. Think if Lattelecom could offer businesses ready-made IBM solutions over the net, computing on demand, whatever. Web 2.0 for businesses and all that.
Just a guess.
Not listening to aging hippy music, not sipping whiskey or toking joints. I have my Hunter Thompson writing urges under control. But I love the man's work. A shame he punched out...

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