Thursday, September 07, 2006

Bite bites back?

Look for Bite to launch its HSDPA semi-commercially around the Ides of September. Then, or maybe at the commercial launch, look for them to build out their network outside of Riga. Bite, it seems, is buying UMTS base stations just for this purpose. This will get it a jump ahead of Latvian Mobile Telephone (LMT), which got the jump on Bite by launching its HSPDA last week. Wonder when Tele2 will make a move? Have they taken over the role of the dozing giant from LMT? Triatel is also going to juice up its version of EV DO and get more megabits ( currently 1 Mbps) over the radio. It also hints that it has a good slice of places outside Riga covered. Looks like soon you will just have to stick out an antenna and look for the best and fastest wireless internet deal in the neighborhood.
Oh, and Dizzy IZZI has done a mirror-image of Lattelecom. They are giving away cable internet (well, the barely broadband cheapo XS version) if you take their digital cable TV service. It is the same thing as Lattelecom giving away nation-wide free telephony IF you subscribe to their DSL internet service. Things are getting merrier all the time.


Bleveland said...

That is indeed great news! Things are really getting merrier and even though it is almost 4 months to christmas it looks like christmas eve has lifted off already.

With all respect for Bite, but shouldn't they perhaps extend their GSM coverage first? We drove from Riga to Ventspils and way before Tukums, in fact just outside Jurmala, I already lost contact***. All the way I had that annoying "emergency calls only". I mean we are living in 2006. Not having contact with your mobile network will soon BE an emergency situation :-)) Anyway, just outside "Lembergpils" I was back on track and the coverage downtown was simply outstanding. So I will give them the benefit of the doubt (besides it is clearly visible on the coverage maps on Bite's website).

I am still very curious about the tarifs. Triatels has a flat all-in fee; as one would wish it, LMT's sucks (read: might get very expensive). What is Bite going to do?

I don't get that thing about Bite buying UMTS base stations for the purpose of HSPA and that giving them a jump ahead LMT.. isn't LMT's UMTS equipment easy-upgradable? Or is it about that Bite is going straight on HSPA ready base stations while LMT first has to upgrade their existing UMTS equipment? Depending on the supplier they bought it from this might suck a great deal :-))

*** I was using an IZZI prepaid SIM card, but since IZZI is using the Bite GSM network I think it is fair to blame Bite (hehehe).

Anonymous said...

Who needs so many wireless internet options at Riga? At my countryside house LMT GSM phone almost works (it's OK to lose signal time to time), Bite, Tele2 phones just rest in peace ;), analog wired phone lines with high noise (up to ~40kb/s with modem) and no other options for internet. It's fckn year 2006 and not 1995!

Bleveland said...

"Who needs so many wireless internet options at Riga?"

As long as money is the pusher and as long as authorities don't force providers to care about remote areas, those will always be the last ones that will be served - if ever.

It is a bit ironic that wireless technology actually makes it relatively easy to serve remote areas but that the technology mainly is used to serve the ones that already have everything :-))

Anyway I believe this role out off HS(D)PA, even though it starts in Riga, doesn't exactly decrease your chances to get wireless broadband at your countryside house some day.