Thursday, September 14, 2006

Bite launches HDSPA (Video)

Bite Latvija has launched UMTS and HSDPA services in five Latvian cities(Riga, Jurmala, Ventspils, Liepaja, Daugavpils), with two more (Rezekne and Jelgava) to follow shortly. A business voice and data package is also offered. At the end of a year of operations, it claims 155 000 users. Here is what Bite Group CEO Maarten van Engeland had to say to Telecoms in Latvia.

Please note that the 12 % he refers to is 12 % of the total market, not the business market. At some point, Bite hopes to get around a third of the business user market.


Bleveland said...

There is more about pricing in this
press release.

Quite shocking with 50 Ls per month for an unlimited data amount. The 30 Ls for 250 MB hardly eases the pain.

How does that compare to Triatels 23,60 Ls for unlimited data and 11,80 for 300 MB? Bite certainly doesn't go for a price-offensive way.

Even LMT's HSDPA offer (Ibirojs) seems quite reasonable when compared to Bite.

It seems clear that Bite initially is going for the business customer and that the "might come" mikrotikls HSDPA-WiFi gadget, at least for the average-country-side-janis, seems a far away dream.

Bites choice is maybe understandable. Business customers simply have more bucks to spend than the average-country-side-janis. Initially the network might be build for coverage rather than capacity. Aiming at a relatively small group of business users and at the same time keeping the price high (or the data amount low) will avoid excessive use and network congestion (= bad publicity) as a result of that.

At least for what is know at this time, Bite is NOT challenging wired DSL nor Triatels EV-DO.

Ingus.Sturmanis said...

Pricing is suprising! Well, agree to Bleveland, that Bite seems will keep focus on business customers, however then I think it will not be possible to reach predicted 12%. Hope this is an error from Bites side and they are still working on pricing policy.
But in general - this improvement and yet another competitor in UMTS and HSDPA services will be a good reason to give another boost to the market and end-users.

Anonymous said...

In todays Diena there is a topic on Baltcom's decision to become a mobile operator quote: "i a classical meaning". Any comments on that?

Juris Kaža said...

I think they will try to launch an MVNO, just like IZZI.

Anonymous said...

I just read in Telegraf that Lattelecom is going mobile next year as well

Juris Kaža said...

Thanks, anonymous. I don't read Russian, so it helps when someone reports to me :).

Bleveland said...

Babel Fish is your friend :-) about Lattelecom.

True, not a perfect translation, but way better than nothing at all.

Nothing (yet) about Lattelecom buying Bite ;)
No idea how Lattelecom is going to solve the mobile part, but I really doubt if Latvia needs another GSM MVNO. Turning the question: is there still money to make being just a MVNO? There are quite a few already and they pretty much follow the tariff plans for the network they use. No revolutionary differences in other words.

But then again, I guess the providers do their homework and find it still beneficial. Back to the initial question: how is Lattelecom going to solve the mobile telecom?