Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Coming soon on Lattelecom

Watch for this in the next few weeks or months.
The number of Lattelecom DSL subscribers will top 100 000, largely as a result of the offer of unlimited free domestic calls on the Lattelecom network to anyone signing on for one of two (2 Mbps or 5 Mbps) home flat rate packages. Some 16000 subscribers have already signed up, many of them switching their current subscription terms.
Lattelecom intended to have 100 000 DSL users by year end, but it appears the final figure will be more, as the 90 000 mark has already been reached.

In October or November
There will be a higher speed, 10Mbps, maybe even 24 Mbps premium business DSL service. More areas of Riga will be jumped to 10Mbps for home users. The reason for this is that Lattelecom will start offering IP TV for "ordinary" TV watchers. This means that Lattelecom will start selling or leasing some kind of decoder device that will attach to an ordinary flat-screen or kinescope-based TV set. Everyone who signed up for one of the home deals will be offered to amend it to get higher speed and most or all of the IP TV channels. The service will be no different than the digital cable TV offered by Baltcom and IZZI. With 100 000 DSL subscribers, Lattelecom will have a strong base for catching up with these cable operators if its channel offering is attractive enough.


Anonymous said...

hey, but the information about free calls is incorrect. take a look at this:

Art said...

That is a wrong place you were looking at anonymous- read here and apply for the unlimited free calls, too :)

Antons said...

All is correct about free calls... Take a look here: