Friday, December 08, 2006

Bite honcho looks to 2007

I had a chat with Maarten van Engeland, chief honcho of the Bite Group. He made some predictions for 2007:

1) Mobile internet (meaning HSDPA) is going to get a lot faster, beyond the 3.6 Mbps currently offered by Bite (and possibly achievable on the Latvian Mobile Telephone/LMT network).

2) This means that the possibilities for propagating mobile content will expand, especially for mobile TV. With higher quality and a larger audience, mobile TV (in the Baltics) will start to attract advertisers, opening the possibility for services that cost little or are free. Maarten doesn't exclude the possibility that some (virtual) operators will offer very low cost or free voice to those who agree to watch ad-sponsored mobile TV. Gadgets will appear in the course of the year that will have iPod quality video (Maarten says he has watched films on his).

3) WiMax is not a threat to mobile voice and won't be for a while, until technical and standards issues are solved. However, there may be some challenge to HSDPA for nomadic applications, such as internet access at various sites.

4) Skype will find its way into the mobile internet and possibly push operators toward fixed rate voice or some other solution.

5. The integration of GPS into mobile handsets (Berg Insight in Sweden has done a study of this and predicts rapid market growth in Western Europe) has the potential for creating a location-based services market, but this is happening because of pressure from consumers in the US (where are my kids services and the like). In Latvia, the government wants operators to locate where calls are coming from for emergency services and police.


Bleveland said...

Always interesting what my fellow country man Maarten van Engeland has to say.

I think he is totally right about WiMAX. So far he hasn't much to fear from it. It's not only the slow standardization process itself. It is very much about what is in it from a technical point of view. Once again; WiMAX is not a mobile standard yet and it will not be that for a while (if ever). As long as the successful HSPA mobile infrastructure vendors are playing an active role in WiMAX forum where the standard is set, they will continue to do everything they can to "frustrate" the "WiMAX getting mobile" process. The max supported speed of just 60 km/h that is now in the proposed WiMAX 802-16e standard is proving that.
Not everywhere WiMAX is seen as a threat though. In the USA one of the main mobile providers Sprint, that already has a nation wide CDMA2000 EV-DO network, decided to go for a nation wide WiMAX network as well. They obviously believe in co-existing of these 2 systems. How about that?

I have been using several GPS application on my mobile phone for quite some time now. I connect my SE K750 to a Bluetooth GPS module. That means one more thing to carry with me, so an integrated GPS chipset, preferable SIRF III (3), is a very welcome feature!

There are already several useful GPS applications available for mobile phones:

Wisepilot or Wayfinder. Probably none of these very useful in Latvia so far until detailed maps over the Baltic’s will be available (what is taking the f**kers so much time?).

Another nice or maybe "kinda weird" application is 3Dtracking. Hide the GPS module in your wife’s handbag, install the Java tool on her phone and sit at home watching where she actually is and goes on Google Earth :-)

There are actually built-in-GPS mobile devices hitting the market. The T830 from Fujitsu-Siemens is a very nice one with GSM/UMTS, PDA on Windows Mobile 5, touch screen, WLAN/WiFI and GPS.

Anonymous said...

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