Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Update on the LMT nuisance

Things have either gotten worse or are on the way to being better. My wife, who has a Swedish mobile account for business reasons, keeps a second phone so she can take calls on that. She suggested I put my old, outgoing-call-disabled chip into a Nokia 6600 I have lying around. I would then get incoming calls. I tried it. Now the network won't register the SIM card. I tried the same with my N-80 (I had passed the 6600 around to some colleagues at my former job, trying to flog/sell it to no avail :(, so perhaps it has been mishandled. ). The SIM card didn't work in my current phone, either.

Which means:

1) The number is fucked (please click some ads of real interest to you in appreciation :) of obscene ravings). This is bad...
2) The number is in limbo between LMT and Tele2 (the corporate provider for my new workplace). This means I will eventually get it back.

Just to add: I am not the customer, merely the user of my number, since at my old workplace, the newspaper paid for my (sometimes outrageous) phone bills (folks called me in the States on news, etc) and now LETA will cover the bills according tp their corporate policies. As a user, I have been quite satisfied with LMT.


Anonymous said...

Hi, you can check your number network in www.numuri.lv. They should have updated information from that big'n'ugly phone number transfer database.

Anonymous said...

My bet is that your previous and current employers have f*cked something up. For example, your current employer has submitted a void portability application.