Friday, December 22, 2006

The Venice Project - not news in Riga :)

Bloggers have been peeking at The Venice Project and, among other things, noting that it offers some kind of social networking tool (chat or whatever) while watch the TV streams. This is nothing new and has been offered for some time now by Lattelecom's IPTV service available (to customers) through the Apollo internet service. Users can chat in a rolling window as they watch shows. Whether this is a good or necessary thing, you can (if you read Latvian) judge for yourself. Mostly, it seems to be cryptic chatter between teenie-boppers (the few times I have looked at it, Lattelecom IP TV doesn't work on Macs :( :( ) .
I wish both original Skypies success. but to add chat to video streams is nothing new. The screenshots, however, don't look bad :).


Anonymous said...

As far as I know it will be P2P service like eMule, which means, that the video will be partialy streamed from other viewers.

Anonymous said...

You missed the whole point of The Venice Project.

N.R. said...

exactly. the whole point of venice is that the content is distributed p2p style, plus it's high quality (unlike say youtube). it also offers all the greatness of the online communities, like tags, customization etc. see the links on the wikipedia article, you will have a better idea of this thing