Thursday, December 14, 2006

Shameful stunts by a Latvian on-line store

One falls into the habit of shopping online -- that's how I have ordered a Macbook (from Apple) and an iPod (from Amazon) to pick up in the States in January. So the habit didn't stop when we had to buy a big ticket item here, a hard-disk videocamera from They had an excellent price, and I ordered the item. When my wife prepared to pay for it (fortunately, we asked to pay on delivery), having received confirmation of the order at the original price, she was called by the store to say the item was almost LVL 40 more expensive (in a matter of hours, 8 PM vs sometime the following morning). So this is a warning -- the sleazy post-Soviet fucker habits have not faded away and are very much alive.
By contrast,, where I buy most of my books, apparently lost a shipment, around GBP 30 or so, and simply replaced it, no questions asked, and said if the original shipment showed up, it would be too expensive to send back, so please donate it to a worthy cause


Boo said...

Well, all the price updates usually come in at night - the question is : could it be Ls 40 difference ? And please do not compare monster Amazon with local internetshops which are still taking their babysteps :)

aldask said...

Once an order has been posted, accepted and confirmed (even if by a robot working nightshift), no later pricelist updates should affect it - a confirmed order should be considered similar to a signed contract. The retailer could probably get sued for such a trick in the States. Then again, in the States one can get sued for almost anything. :)

Bleveland said...

It is shameless, but questionable if you would get anywhere with it.

This happens not only in Latvia. Even in politically correct Sweden they do so and they claim even they have the right to do so. In many webshops they have a disclaimer for the "human factor" (i.e. somebody writes down the wrong price in the system).

The problem in Europe is that your claim is judged against the eventuell damage the situation has caused you. In such a case like this it can be difficult to claim the damage (simply because you did not get the camera to proof it which is a kind of rude...)
Reasonable? Hell no!

Your wife probably needed it for business, she maybe lost an assignment because of that... than you might have a case, but unfortunately still doubtful if one would get anywhere.

In the US a guy gets a cup of coffee over his jacket. The jacket costed $ 100, it was waterproof and the coffee could be washed out by a $ 15 cleaning. No fysical damage occured, maybe some mental due to shock :-0
The guy sued the restaurant for 5 million and settled for $ 3 million. Reasonable? Hell no!