Wednesday, September 12, 2007

FinnFUCKINGair (baggage losers)

I flew back to Riga with Finnair (ok, I was rerouted when my flight to New York JFK was delayed, I went Boston-London-Helsinki-Riga with Boston-London on American Airlines). The fuckers lost my baggage. Maybe this is par for the course with airlines these days -- the more IT systems, the more clueless about WTF anything is -- at the airport, they did not see my bag on their system). Fortunately, I packed all my personal electronics in my backpack, but packed all but one of my books (from Amazon, free delivery to a US address), plus DVDs , etc, clothing, in my roller bag, which I checked. This is what has now vanished. It used to be bags were delayed, but traceable.
I strongly recommend against flying with either of these bozos, except I guess everyone is bozos these days, US air travel being a default clusterfuck, so I suppose one simply has to travel light and carry on anything of value. Fortunately, I also wore my brand new Clark's shoes to break them in.

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