Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Like college registration in the 1960s :)

Well, I have arrived in the Big Apple for Hewlett Packard's Your Life is The Show event and the funniest thing is that registering as a journalist in 2007 was like registering for college in the 1960s. You gave your name and some ladies went through some paper checklists and rummaged through piles of pre-printed name cards. Didn't find mind. Went for a couple of drinks and snacks and then got it :). One would think that the world's leading IT company would simply look all guests up on a laptop linked to a database and then print the name card on demand on one of its snazzy laser printers. I am sure the event will be better than this rather amusing start.
Wasted after 8 hours on the plane from Helsinki, but will try to stay up and sleep normally

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