Wednesday, September 12, 2007

HP video, upcoming Lattelecom news

Here is some video on Hewlett-Packard's new line of workstations presented at the Your Life is the Show event in New York last week (September 5):

On Lattelecom
Later today we will have some preliminary news on the financial consortium financing the management buy-out. Am a little tired after a long trip back to Latvia from the US, (lost baggage, etc) but will try to get some video up on this (in English).

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TravelinMom said...

I am very much looking forward to the video! I hate to hear about your luggage being lost on your return trip! Has it been returned to you yet or are you still waiting? You can probably tell by my name I travel quite a lot :) I use Global Bag Tag on everything that's going to be out of my sight during a trip, even if it's just a small state-to-state trip.