Monday, October 24, 2005

Gathering the facts...

Just to update on the domain and censorship scandal, I have contacted the Latvian Economic Police Unit 6 (apparently, the cybercrimes unit) who are accused of trying to have the Latvian IT portal «dehosted» by its hosting company Bizi Team. Managers at the hosting company say this demand was made, but I will hold back judgement until I hear the police side of the story. If anyone needs to have the confidence of the IT community, it is this police unit which, after all, is a line of defence (if they work efficiently) against malicious hacking and cyberfraud. So let us chill here. I must admit, when it come to allegations of censorship, I tend to explode just a little.

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Emmanuel said...

So am I. And although Katrīna Sataki denied denied these accusations, I still don't quite believe her.

Here's an interesting response: