Sunday, October 09, 2005

Yes, it's Lattelekom doing IPTV and vlogging...

Just to confirm the obvious, it is Lattelekom that, within a week to ten days, will launch its IPTV service that will include (next year if not sooner), the ability to upload one's own video files, in other words, to vlog (videoblog) or post various works of real or intended art. Let a thousand vlogs bllom. It will be the end of vaguely regulared television as we know it in Latvia. I wait with interest to what extent the political parties will pick up on vlogging as a campaign tool next year. Somehow I think the New Era (Jaunais Laiks/JK) will be first, followed closely by the People's Party, but you never can tell. Often the political loonies are out there first.
With all due respect for a fellow blogger with whose politics I would strongly disagree, I wonder whether Kristaps Kaupe might not be vlogging soon for his fellow radical nationalists? That would be rather interesting technically, and as an IT specialist, Kristaps could pull it off.

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