Monday, October 17, 2005

I don't buy Tele2's reasons

Again interesting things happen while I am at the wrong place, or better put, in the right place (Stockholm) doing the wrong thing (covering a Baltic Development Forum). So Tele2 is stopping investment in fixed telecoms in all three Baltic States? While there have been problems, I don't think that the poor operator has been passed around by the Baltic authorities (at the behest of incumbent fixed-line operators) for a multiple clusterf**k. My quick take on this is that the problem lies elsewhere -- the fixed voice market is shrinking rapidly and there will soon be little return on any investment here. The only legitimate issue, mentioned in reports of Tele2's decision, is that it has not been given a chance to participate in broadband markets. This may be a legitimate problem, but all it means is that Tele2 has been denied the opportunity to make a falling revenue (starting at, say LVL 10 per month) for a relatively small number (a couple of hundred thousand in the region, perhaps) of DSL or other broadband lines.
I think that Tele2 simply has other fish to fry on the European market, that it may also have some hidden problems, and that blaming the nasty little Baltic dwarves is the best way to cover one's retreat.

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Jüri Kaljundi said...

It was really strange how they published the same press release in each Baltic country, stating the same reason, but changing the country.

Also do not forget, that back in August they exited the GSM business in Finland, stating “the current competitive and regulatory environment”.

Closing their not so successful businesses blaming the insufficient state regulations has become a habit for Tele2.