Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Waitin' for Da Man*

Actually it is a kind, probably young lady, Kristine Mezaraupe, the press secretary of the Latvian Police, who says she is doing her best to check out just what the 6th department of the Economic Police was doing to get both the people at Bizi Team (a hosting service) and oolee, the informal editor of datuve.lv so upset (they believe there was an effort, which they resisted, to censor them). It seems that she can't get ahold of the people at the 6th department. I did, but one of the inspectors said the boss was away at some training courses. I was not supposed to call these guys directly :). I will hit myself the next time I do. Remind me...
A new nuance – it seems the cybercops were after a person called BlackHalt, who actually delivered petruha's little essay (all of this is in Latvian) about f**king with Nic.lv to datuve. Nic.lv was actually pleased, at the end of the day, that it could make some effort to improve its processes. BlackHalt, it seems, has a history with both Nic.lv and Latnet and with the cybercops, who may have suspected the dude (well, small chance it could be a girl :) ) was planning some new tricks.
Nobody likes to deal with any kind of police. In fact, I have even felt mildly negative to be stopped and found to be sober, driving at the allowed speed, with a properly registered vehicle and a valid licence. Since the people who were called by the cyberpolice may feel the same, I have to make sure where the subjective ends and the facts start.
There will, hopefully, be some kind of story here and in that certain newspaper...

*Da Man, from Afro-American slang for an authority figure one necessarily doesn't like. As opposed to "My man", who is a good guy, homeboy of some stature. Afro-American readers, please excuse any bizarre interpretations of your culture/slang :)


Anonymous said...

petruha - Pēteris Duņaškins
blackhalt - Uldis Ķēniņš

Do not hezitate to contact me for further assistance: telecommunications@inbox.lv

BlackHalt said...

Par ko tā satraukties? korupcijas katls vārās?
Tiesas visu noliks savās vietās ;) dude.

Anonymous said...

"Nic.lv was actually pleased, at the end of the day, that it could make some effort to improve its processes."
What makes you think so? Actually they didn't even consider it a problem before publishing all those articles.