Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Second prepaid service to launch on Tele2

A second pre-paid service, to be called Urā! (Hooray) will be launched on Tele2's network October 27. It is not clear whether the card will be an ultra-low cost companion to Tele2's Zelta zivtiņa (Golden Fish) prepaid or a separate virtual operator. My sources say it will not be a MVNO (like Amigo and Hello, who operate on Latvian Mobile Telephone's (LMT) network). So we shall see.
In any event, it looks like someone has come up with an answer to the el-cheapo (LVL 1) Hello, and is trying to pre-empt any prepaids that Bite may host once its network capacity is sufficient. Also, the other competitors must fight the aggressive, give-away marketing of Bite's own Toxic card.

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Borje said...

Ura! will not be an MVNO. Tele2 has got a simular solution in Sweden. For marketing reasons they pretend that Ura! is another company, no visual strings, but it's technically a Zelta Zivtina.

This way you can compete with yourself without losing your face for dumping the prices.