Sunday, July 02, 2006

Some Latvian/international IT rumors

The little birds tell me:

Exigen is looking to land a deal with the New Zealand Inland Revenue to improve document handling and communication (internal and external) by reducing paper-based correspondence. This is in line with Exigen's business of designing and "building" (in Latvia) international corporate and organizational IT solutions that streamline business and administrative processes.
Latvian-based Mikrotikls, known as Mikrotiks internationally, is doing a WiFi on commuter railways pilot project with Concourse, the US installer of WiFi at several US airports. Concourse was recently acquired by the aspiring global WiFi network of networks Boingo.
Mikrotiks has provided wireless routers and other equipment for some of Concourse's airport projects and in the pilot project in Chicago, it will be providing similar equipment (on trains and along the rails). The pilot project will cover a 9 mile stretch of track near the Windy City.

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