Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Bite backup :) on HSDPA

I want to put in a good word for Bite Latvija's HSDPA service, which I have been testing for a couple of weeks (now and again, I have 5 Mbps DSL at home). Bite works just fine, one incident of strangeness (no service) but that was all.
Tonight, however, shows why, if you (as a business or mission-critical worker) in Latvia or elsewhere) should have Bite HSDPA (or anyone else's) if you can afford it. It seems that a Lattelecom upgrade that I was warned about--fair enough--lasted longer than anticipated, basically knocking out my DSL for the evening. This better be good, like they are upgrading to 10 or 24 Mbps (including TV) or something like that.
Anyway, having the HSDPA test kit as a back up with about the same effective speed and quality of service as DSL is a godsend for those who cannot live without broadband for an evening. It also means that the virtual wireless ISP service is viable.


Bleveland said...

Good news! How does it compare to Triatels EV-DO?
I am thinking in terms of latency and speed. Just make a Skype call from each network and give us your judgement...

OK, it is tricky since latency (and speed for that matter) might be depending on how busy it is on the network, but nevertheless it would be interesting to hear it from you.

How about speed? You mentioned that it is about the same as your DSL connection, but what about upload speed for instance..?

Juris Kaža said...

I would say a bit faster, but I was running Triatel out at the summer house. I did make a Skype call to San Francisco on that connection, sounded fine. I am using Bite on a borrowed Windows laptop, so I haven't screwed around with it to install Skype. Will check upload speed on www.speedtest.net.

Anonymous said...

Now probable better is HSDPA, but not for long. It all depends on connections. Now Bite has couple of clients, but TRIATEL much more! =)
After some monthes HSDPA ir Riga will work in the same speed how TRIATEAL EV-DO - 1 Mbit/s.