Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Mobile WIMAX in Latvia by 2008

A mobile WIMAX service provider will become the defacto fifth mobile services operator in Latvia by 2008, a well-informed industry source told this blogger.
By then, providers of WIMAX-like services will have developed the "smart antennas" needed to link to truly mobile devices (most likely hybrid GSM/UMTS/WIMAX handsets) and voice calls will be made worldwide using an all-IP network. The handsets will also offer presence detection as with Skype (many will actually run Skype), a timesaver when one has to call a list of people, like clients. No need to dial the ones who are "unavailable" (saving, say, a minute per wasted call).
Currently GSM/UMTS mobile services are provided by Latvian Mobile Telephone (LMT), Tele2 and Bite Latvija, with Triatel providing CDMA-450 voice and data. Bite has several MVNOs operating on its network.

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