Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Blogger, move your ass!

Since I do not know how to make a wiki anymore than a wicker basket, I have started a closed blog on the new Blogger beta to write a set of random legacy instructions to my colleagues who will have to pick up the slack when I leave the newspaper to go to LETA. The options are great, almost like on Netvibes, I can design my own page, make a link list (to various IT and telecoms news sources) etc. etc.
I would love to do the same with this blog, to make a permanent link list and redesign things a bit outside the box of available blogger templates. However, blogger (now a part of the Googlemonster) is not making migration available yet, only to a select few. Since I want to move as fast as possible to a new look and wider possibilities for this blog (like making more than USD 30 from Adsense since 2004), would blogger PLEASE HURRY THE FUCK UP!!!

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