Sunday, November 12, 2006

Coming - A virtual wireless ISP

Look for a virtual wireless ISP to be launched in the near future, most likely using Bite's HSDPA network. The virtual operator, one of Latvia's "alternative" telecoms service providers, will offer its own wireless modem and WiFi unit (not the Vodafone solution offered as Bite's own Hotspot). The principle will be the same. Now that it has several MVNOs on its GSM/UMTS network, it apparently wants to do the same with its HSDPA capacity. Very impressive if it can keep uniform quality and if, next year, it upgrades the network to faster than its advertised 3.6 Mbps at present. The price also has to be reasonable, just under 17 LVL will get you 5 Mbps and free calls inside Latvia on Lattelecom's network, possibly jumping to 10 Mbps or 24 Mbps in the next six months or so (depending on location).
The virtual wireless ISP, unlike fixed solutions, will offer nomadic services in the area of coverage.

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paz said...

That's interesting indeed. So what do you think are the chances of some Average Joe starting up his own ISP somewhere outside of Riga?