Saturday, November 22, 2008

Latvia detains, restricts travel of academic for economy comments

Another offtopic about the outrageous behavior of this little authoritarian no-banana republic:

The Latvian Security Police (Drošibas policija) detained for two days and then banned a college lecturer from leaving the country for remarks about the economy in a panel discussion that were later published in a newspaper.
Dmitrijs Smirnovs, a lecturer in accounting and finance at Ventspils University College has been ordered not to leave the country after his release from two days of interrogation by the Security Police about his remarks that Latvians should not keep their money in banks and in Latvian lats.
Smirnovs argued that excessive credit, mainly by Swedish-owned banks, had created a precarious situation and also blamed the Bank of Latvia, the nation's central bank, for failing to regulate and restrict excessive and imprudent lending.
Also questioned by the Security Police was Valters Fridenbergs, a young musician, who joked about withdrawing money from two Latvian banks during a break in a concert.

After these events, it is fair to say that the functions of the former Soviet and Soviet Latvian KGB -- the persecution and intimidation of dissent and free speech -- are being revived by the Latvian Security Police. Latvia has taken a significant step toward becoming an authoritarian state.


Kristaps K. said...

Carrot republic. We have carrots. ;)

TRex said...

I figure they would be monitoring blogs as well! Nes pas?

borjeg said...

But why doesn´t more latvians protest?

In a democratic country we get the goverment we deserve!!!

cron said...

This is disgusting!

I never thought that in Latvia, which fought so hard for freedom against totalitarian regime, we will experience rebirth of a police state so soon.

I used to think of ourselves as of a free nation. Until now. Possibly I was living in illusions.

Just horrible!