Monday, November 24, 2008

Moving back on topic

OK, enough ranting about what is happening in this little bananaless republic. I will stick to telecoms related topics and direct everyone who is interested in the ongoing free speech controversy in Latvia to this new blog of mine, Free Speech Emergency in Latvia. So please go there. Free speech is the reason we are able to write about anything we want to (but not anymore in Latvia). I will continue to write what I think about IT and telecoms here, and what I think of the f**kwits running the Security Police on that new blog.

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michael dumiak said...

hey there, juris: just tried to look you up in riga but figure this way's probably faster.

i'm a business journalist based in berlin; would like to speak with you about baltic telecoms; can you drop me a line at dumiak (at) and tell me the best way to reach you?

best regards,

michael dumiak