Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Migrating to GMail, screw Yahoo!

Yahoo! mail for me is in some kind of systemic failure, inaccessible due to errors 999 or 5 or 14 or whatever now for nearly a week. This is regardless of where I have been accessing it from: a Verizon DSL connection in Newton, MA or a Comcast cable internet connection in Wayland, MA in the US, a Lattelecom DSL connection in Riga, and now, an ultrafast corporate Lattelecom (?) connection at my workplace. Yahoo (which reminded me, recently, to pay USD 19.95 for its premium service) sucks totally and I have started a rather cumbersome, but necessary migration to Gmail. Perhaps I should also open a back-up Hotmail account. Those with a need-to-know will be informed of my new (old, actually, just haven't used Gmail that much) address. It is juriskaza(thingy)gmail(Dot)com (so f**k you e-mail scanning spam bots).


Bleveland said...

You did the right thing. I have used Gmail for several years now (early user) and as far as I can remember the service has seldom or never failed.
The only thing that sucks is their labeling system. I'd rather have the possibility to sort my emails in folders, but that is my one and only complaint.

I can recommend this little feature: here

Really nice when using a rather ordinary cell phone with java-support.

Skip Hotmail. Given the fact that you give up on Yahoo it would just get you from one nightmare to another.

A completely other thing: it seems the CDMA450-provider
with networks in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Poland offering wireless broadband of the same kind as Triatel does in Latvia, will soon need to file for bankruptcy unless "new money" is found. They face heavy competition from so called 3G providers that today offer rather good coverage in the Scandinavian countries.
I know the situation is very different over in Latvia, but one wonders how things are going for Triatel...
Second thing is that TeliaSonera (Kenneth Karlberg, a name frequently mentioned on this forum) has announced that they will increase prices on mobile internet services after new year breaking up existing contracts. They are (again) thinking in terms of bucks per megabyte. A horrible scenario, but with the situation of today, Kenneth claims that there is no business case for TeliaSonera Sweden with the business model they use today (fixed fee 24/7, no data limit).

TRex said...

I've used Gmail since the beta days and also access it from my cell and my MacBook Pro, no problems. I used to have a Hotmail account but I let it lapse years ago.

TRex said...

Oh sure, as soon as I post Ifind this on FARK.

N. Kaza said...

Good move!
You should've left that Yahoo-piece-of-crap years ago.
With gmail you can have it all hooked up to your on your MacBook thru POP.

TRex said...


The site previously mentioned was apparently a phishing scam;posts