Saturday, November 22, 2008

Latvia threatens to prosecute Security Police critics

The Latvian Security Police, according to a newspaper report, have threatened to prosecute anyone publicly commenting that the Security Police, who arrested a university lecturer for remarks about the financial crisis, are moving the country toward totalitarianism and repressing freedom of speech.
According to the newspaper Diena's portal, the Security Police "do not exclude starting criminal proceedings" against anyone commenting on the internet and expressing agreement with the views of the detained (since released and put under a travel ban) lecturer Dmitrijs Smirnovs or asserting that the Latvian Security Police were returning the country to totalitarianism by repressing freedom of speech. 
Sorry about yet another off-topic, but I think we are heading for a free speech emergency in Latvia. 

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TRex said...

Well that sure didn't take long, and it really hasn't hit the fan yet! Imagine the crackdown when folks wake up.

Anyway, I know you're not a political blog so I'm off for breakfast.