Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Bite brings in the heavy artillery

Bite Latvija made its first official call in Riga when Henning Dyremose, the president and CEO of parent company TDC Group called a Lithuanian engineer responsible for setting up the company's first base stations in Daugavpils.
PR aside, Dyremose was in Latvia to push a few priorities, most notably, more number for Bite Latvija, which only has 100 000, as well as speedy interconnects with rivals Latvian Mobile Telephone and Tele 2. The TDC head honcho should, by now, have met with Prime Minister Aigars Kalvitis and Ayatollah of Transport Ainars Slesers (OK, I call him that for the last time...:)) as well as Inna Steinbuka of the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission.
Dyremose will be prodding Steinbuka to press Tele2 and LMT to open their networks to national roaming by Bite Latvija until it builds out its network, and to keep the arrangement in place in thinly-settled places where it makes no sense to build three or four base-station towers.
Bite Group head Jesper Thiell Eriksen also said that when Bite Latvija launches commercial services, it will immediately offer EDGE mobile internet. While the launch will start with a pre-paid card sale, this is a signal that a flat-rate, business mobile internet package is not far down the path. It looks like we will see Bite on the market in a couple of months at most, although both Eriksen and Dyremose were absolutely closed-mouthed on any possible launch dates. Competition, you know.
I am now off to do an interview with Henning Dyremose for my day job.

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