Monday, August 01, 2005

Router madness at Latnet explained?

Although things are running smoothly and ruffled customers have been soothed, some questions remain about the incident that took down a significant part of the Latvian ISP Latnet Serviss on July 11. My sources in the business say they don't really believe the story of the "mad router" that Latnet gave as an explanation.
Now I have found something on Wired News that people smarter than I reading this blog (I hope there are smarter people out there :) ) can evaluate for themselves and consider what may really have happened with Latnet's router of a well-known but unnamed brand :);
Here is the link:,1848,68365,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_1

Otherwise I'm waiting out the summer doldrums.

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Buchan said...


I am a journalist based in the UK covering telecoms, energy and banking in CEE, so I keep an eye and write about Latvian telecoms.

I seems to be that Telia Sonera are wanting to takover LMT, as to be perfectly honent, from experience in the Baltic states (I lived in Lithuania for six years), everyone is seriously addicted to the mobile.
It's now a race across CEE to snap up the remaining assets (witness Vodafon in Poland, CZech REp and Romania.

Anyway, Latvian telecom fans, I've just started a new blog,, so take a look.

That's enugh chat. Back to work.