Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Geese in, telecoms out...

The meeting of the Latvian Cabinet of Ministers (da govermint) has removed from its agenda for August 23 a discussion of a possible sale of the remaining shares of Latvian Mobile Telephone and Lattelekom to Sweden's TeliaSonera. The item was there just last Friday, with Minister of Economics Krisjanis Karins scheduled to report. My colleague at my day job whose job is to be, as Bob Dylan wrote, "down in the basement, thinkin' bout the govermint" says this often happens.
A number of other things have appeared on the agenda, including an item about protecting migratory birds that fly between Europe and Africa. So the geese are in, and one of Latvia's most important telecoms issues is postponed. Why this happened is something I will look into, because the month allocated for the inter-ministry working group to report on TeliaSonera's yet again once more, hey, how about it guys? offer regarding LMT and Lattelekom has nearly passed.

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