Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Tom Sawyer Software looks to Latvia

Tom Sawyer Software of the US, which produces graph visualization, layout, and analysis component software, is starting a subsidiary in Latvia to use, among other things, the GRADE business process analysis technologies developed at the University of Latvia's Mathematics and Informatics Institute (MII).
Krists Boitmanis, a software engineer at MII said that the GRADE methodology had served as a kind of mark of quality (GRADE is used by US/Latvian Exigen as one of its main tools for doing business process fixes on banks, insurance companies and the like in deals where Exigen is betting on sharing in millions of USD in savings). Tom Sawyer will likely have some of GRADE's graphic process display and analysis functions adapted for the toolsets it offers, but may also have Latvian software engineers design new stuff.
Tom Sawyer is a small outfit (around 30 people) in Oakland, California. One the Latvian subsidiary is up and running (well, running it already is, with MII people), the US based company will have a significant part of its staff and development work done here in Latvia.

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