Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Hua would you like to work for us?

Hua being a play on "how". Huawei, the Chinese telecommunications infrastructure company, is hiring all kinds of staff in Latvia, mainly on the engineering and technical side. So it is more than obvious that they are here to build Triatel's cdma 450-based 3G and wireless high-speed DSL network. Huawei's honcho in Poland, Sun Gang (honcho is a good thing, means big boss, since I know that Sun Gang might be reading this, and he, like many readers, doesn't know American slang) has said as much. Now it is time for Triatel to admit that they like Chinese and not sneak around to the back of the house to hide the paper containers and plastic chopsticks (this is a reference to the way Chinese food – which I love – is delivered to the home).
What I wonder about is whether Huawei has managed to cozy-up to Lattelekom, because cdma 450 might just be the way to satisfy the "you must digitize every hut in the swamp" crowd in the government and politics who always point out that Lattelekom hasn't digitized the last, remote, technically near-impossible part of the network. Some kind of deal would have to be cut with Triatel, saving costs for both sides. I must look into this.

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