Friday, July 21, 2006

Another videoblog attempt

Here it is:


Anonymous said...

Wish I was there!

Bleveland said...

I wish the same thing. In fact I am going to be in Riga a week from now and will stay until the end of August. Right now (still) busy trying to arrange a place to live in central Riga which appears not to be the easiest task unless you want or can afford to pay a minor fortune. A significant part of the Riga real estate market seems to be ruled by "crooks and liars", but I guess that is nothing new for most of the audience reading this. Well, things tend to get a solution in the end, so we will see.
Anyway, at least I don't need to bother equally much about internet access anymore thanks to the Lattelekom WiFi solution. It was a kind of an issue, since internet access actually has become a part of my basic needs. A rather shocking conclusion indeed, but that's the way it is :-)

Something else (just a thought, to whom it might concern m/f): How about having a beer together chatting "IRL" about telecoms in LV? “The Riga Telecom BlogBeer Gathering” or something like that. Or do we need to ask the Riga City Council for allowance and might they deny that for (national) security reasons? They seem to get anxious about small groups of people, who share a common interest, getting together in downtown Riga ;-)

By the way: nice shot from Doma Laukums Juris, even though the not-so-well-working Mexican food issue worries me a bit ;-) Was it the food, the catering service or was it -God forbid- a technical malfunction?

The link about Lattelekom WiFi access:

Joxa said...

Oh, it's great that you started making videoblog. It makes blog alive and readers can see your face :)