Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Bizarro signs of the times

Now that the turbulence around Lattelecom Technology (ex-MicroLink) may be coming to an end, I must mention something bizarre I saw while being driven through downtown Riga (returning from something I covered for my newspaper). There was a Schinder (German for gatherer of excrement, suctions outhouses and septic tanks, Latvian šinderis) vehicle, an old Soviet-era tanker with a big hose for sticking down the shithouse (that is what they do). It had a Lattelecom Technology emblem on its door. At first, I thought WTF!!, but then I heard that some ex-MicroLink vehicles had their new emblems removed (some problem with colors or something). Apparently, someone had pasted a (discarded?) sticker on the door of this, let us say, less than high tech vehicle. Of course, if you suck lots of bad data into a storage facility, is there any difference (except for the smell, drove behind a leaking šinderis once, yuck)??


Anonymous said...

May be that is some new, weird kind of advertising? I've heard of ideas putting Lauku Kefirs logos on a street workers' vehicles to illustrate the slogan Istiem Viriem!

Juris Kaža said...

Somehow, I don't think so :) :) :)