Thursday, July 27, 2006

Video on Lattelecom, broadband

Here it is:


Bleveland said...

Nice work! The video blog is very good as a kind of briefing simply to know what is going on. Since I am very interested in the details as well, that could be done i a written part. I vote for the "blend" option but understand that your time is limited :-)

Anonymous said...

Blend it! Video is great, but I'd miss your fantastic lingusitic details, if you'd leave your written part out.

Anonymous said...

I am fully with the previous comment on blending!

Anonymous said...

Advantage of written text is that I can read it anytime, anywhere. In order to watch video I need headphones or a place where I'm not disturbing anyone and a place that is silent enough to listen. Otherwise video is interesting option.

Anonymous said...

Looks like another "Digital TV" scheme is cooking.
What would you build, when main goal is not to build cost-effective service-oriented provider, but spend taxpayers/EU money? We have seen this before.
VITA story, for example.
BTW, IMHO latvian bureaucrats too corrupted to trust them. With their good intentions paved road to hell.

Joe Doe