Sunday, July 16, 2006

Some Nokia N80 impressions

But for one bizarre restart and one incident where an attempt to transfer music with the Nokia Music Manager for Mac locked up the Powerbook (had to force a shut-down), the little gadget (my Nokia N80) is working rather nicely. Haven't tried to use it with the Powerbook for internet access as my Triatel connection has reappeared from the dead.
What I am really waiting for is a Skype for Symbian app that I can download for the N80, then use it in WiFi mode to make Skype and Skype-out calls. As I understand it, there is one hack for Skype on Symbian that supposedly works in a bizarre push-to-talk mode. I would prefer to log into a nice app with all my Skype and Skype out contacts and just call them as I do from my other computers (the N80 is, after all, a computer disguised as a phone and hiding a 3 megapixel camera). Speaking of the camera, I have included a shot from it (angle toward the shed of my summer place, reclining in a swing sofa).


Reinis Traidās said...

I was under the impression that Nokia was about to abandon Symbian OS for their phones. And ugh, somehow I think Nokia is... well, yesterday. Sure, they have been cramming the latest&greatest into their phones, but as for design - they just can't come up with anything cool anymore.

TokRa said...

There is a review of Nokia E61 (Symbian v9 too) by the latvian.

Juris Kaža said...

Thanks Tokra :),
Unfortunately, I don't read Russian. My idiomatic (not idiotic, please :) :) ) English should give that away. There is also an English language mobile phone review site written by some Russians, but I have forgotten the address. Their English is very good, what gives them away is that they refer to the performance of the phones on some Russian networks (Megafon, etc.)

Bleveland said...

I think you made the right choice! The combination of EDGE and UMTS in the same device makes it flexible whatever technical solution your network provider would go for.

I was really into the SE P990 a while ago, but waahahahahah... that one was announced one year ago and it's still not or hardly available!! And even worse: it is technically already history (well almost). Further Sony-Ericsson is refusing to combine UMTS and EDGE in one device which is a real deal breaker. I can't really understand their stupidity on this point. Having said that "big" Ericsson wants every network customer to buy their UMTS / HSPA infrastructure stuff. They don't really like the idea that there is a way to escape from 3G by going on a 2.5G kind of standard as EDGE is (upgraded GSM network). They are doing a LOT of EDGE base stations especially for the US market. In fact is was through EDGE Ericsson forced the yanks to accept GSM in CDMA-land. A very interesting story that I won't tell today. A combined network with UMTS in urban areas and EDGE in rural isn't what the marketing people at Ericsson want to see. If you are going for that forget about Sony-Ericsson cellphones or buy 2 of them (one EDGE + one UMTS). OK, so far this little off-topic :)

Again, I think the N80 is a great device... apart from the fact that it lacks an integrated Sirf 3 GPS chip set :-))

When it comes to the mobile phone review site I think you mean . A really great site available both in Russian and English. They did already review the N80:

I tried to translate the link provided by Tokra, but Babelfish ( didn't make it. Maybe the service was just down for the moment.

TokRa said...

You can see the original version of this review here: TokRa.Lv/E61.doc

Unfortunately, its text has been a little bit censored.