Friday, February 02, 2007

Bite may announce Skype functionality

Bite has called a press conference for Tuesday, February 6 and it looks like they may announce a new Skype-linked function. In other words, Bite users will be able to make Skype calls to computers and phones (? not sure of this) by indirectly using a SkypeOut type of function. The feature will be apparently triggered by SMS (sending the Skype address) and then talking for something close to the SkypeOut rate for that country. So far, the geeks at Skype have yet to come up with Skype for Symbian, which they said they would have "soon" a year ago at 3GSM World in Barselona. We're still waiting. Maybe the pickpockets and thieving lowlife for which that city is notorious stole the code in progress?
Anyway, the great thing about this feature is that it drops the cost of calling home to a Skyper in Latvia and, perhaps, for calling from anywhere to a Skyper anywhere else. But we shall see...

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Anonymous said...

i would rather guess that the new service will be option to call to skype users directly from Bite network, not to make calls through skype somehow.
As it was announced in Lithuania just some days ago..