Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Russians interested in the half-mother?

Hopefully this has nothing to do with the earlier item about gangster threats :).
The Russian-language Latvian newspaperTelegraf reports that some kind of deal may be afoot between a Russian telecons-linked company and TeliaSonera. I don't read Russian, but I can give some quotes from the Babelfish version of the story :):):):

"In Lattelecom and LMT can arrive the Russians It is possible that Russian of "alphas-group" will fall into Latvia through Swedeņ."

"Recently into the Russian press filtered the information, from which it is possible to assume that this investor, probably, is the Russian company Altimo, which controls the telecommunication active memberships of alphas-group. Altimo - owner of the shareholdings in the number of the telecommunication companies, coowner of which is also Scandinavian TeliaSonera, and by it, in turn, belong to action in Lattelecom and LMT."'

"According to the information of one of them, the sides discuss the transaction, as a result of which Altimo would sell to Scandinavians entire or large part of its telecommunication active memberships in exchange for the portion in TeliaSonera, and it is already close to the agreement."

And so on, ending with the Russian investors indirectly owning interests in Lattelecom and LMT, although, the deflater line comes late in the Babelfished Russian story (it must sound more normal, though not as amusing, in the original Russian):

"In company Altimo their possible interest in any Latvian active memberships frankly they do not demonstrate."

Well, we shall see if these revelations are true. One more revelation -- looks like Babelfish hired Yoda when the Star Wars movies stopped :).

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