Sunday, February 18, 2007

Various good things coming in April?

It looks like April will be the launch date for Lattelecom's IPTV service for viewers with ordinary TV sets (Lattelecom's TV offerings, both free and paid, can be currently beviewed on PCs) with decoders. It appears some 40 channels will be offered. April will also likely see an upgrade of more of the HomeDSL network to 10 Mbps (currently, the maximum speed of the Mājas komplekts/Home package is 5 Mbps and 10 Mbps broadband is available only in some areas of Riga). Lattelecom's IPTV service will be like digital cable TV, with soundtrack language choice and some kind of video-on-demand, including the option to record and view programs later using centralized servers.
The Lattelecom website in both Latvian and English contains a cryptic reference to "the autumn", which apparently was last autumn when the launch of IPTV was delayed. One reason: the HomeDSL offering with free national calling created such a rush of orders that there would have been no technical capacity for delivering and installing IPTV decoders.

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