Friday, February 02, 2007

Cisco going for " holopresence" next?

Cisco, which touted its relatively new Telepresence service (you sit across from ultra-high definition huge video screens, the others in Singapore look you in the eye, the sound moves around, etc., though I didn't see a demo) is working on some kind of holographic (or 3D, walkaround image)next generation Telepresence solution. This was disclosed in an offhand remark by a major honcho who I won't name because I am not sure it won't trigger some sort of SEC violation, whatever...
Anyway, Star-Trek style (but without the shimmery bad focus) communication is on its way, assuming you have a one-terabit dedicated connection and the right compression algorithms and a Godpower processor to deal with this. One of the most tantilizing things I heard down in Cannes, though not relevant to Latvian telecoms in particular.

On the trip back I removed the volume limit settings on my iPod so I could drown out the conversation of the bljedniki just behind me on the plane. They were some young Russian-speaking folks who were merry with drink and punctuated whatever they said in Russian (which I don't understand) with the Russian word for whore - bljed. So I was (I am guessing the content -- Ī was bljed in some Warsaw bar bljed when some bljed Polish guy comes up and asks bljed about the Latvian hockey team bljed so we bljed had a beer together bljed--all this being sort of bellowed over the rather loud engines of the Embraer 175 that LOT operates between Warsaw and Riga).

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