Friday, February 16, 2007

Russian gangsters threaten the half-mother's honchos?

Swedish media are reporting that top managers of Lattelecom's half-mother TeliaSonera are being guarded by armed bodyguards because of unnamed threats to their lives. According to Swedish TV8, these threats may be coming from Russia.
It seems rather a bizarre scenario that Russian goons/hitmen would be sent to Sweden to harm TeliaSonera honchos, but the company does have interests in the Russian mobile market and has been up against Russian bidders for a mobile operator in Turkey. Still, it is far fetched that the Russian mafia would go after anyone other than, at worst, the local TeliaSonera affiliate management in Russia.
Perhaps the Russians don't know about the Swedish James Bond, Carl Hamilton, who would get sent after their sorry asses if they so much as harmed a hair on any Swedish executive's head.

ADDED FEB 16: Just want to credit reader Bleveland for tipping me off to this story. I had to find an English language version so that most readers could understand it.


Bleveland said...

It was already on the blog two days ago:

Read your readers dude ;-)

No, just kidding. I agree, it sounds genuinly bizarre, but having said that the half-mother management is also a kind of bizarre.

Anders Igel succeeded in getting Telia Sonera involved in several scumbag business deals. He and his management got fooled inumerous times not in the last place by Turks and Russians believing they aquirred 49-ish percent shares in telco' that they for sure would be able to get their hands on (getting one more percent of the shares that is) without any obstacles. They were wrong and giving it a second thought the poor fool Igel got even fooled by the Latvians :-))

The one that is fighting Anders Igel in Turkey and Russia is no one less than Mikhail Fridman and his Alfa Holding Group (Owning Alfa Telecoms). Hmmm... suddenly the connection with the russian mafia doesn't seem so bizarre anymore. Anybody here who knows how Mr. Fridman became so rich so quickly?

Anonymous said...

Business is business, nothing personal ... The bigger the business, the bigger the shit surrounding it ... it is everywhere - in Russia, Latvia, Europe, USA or Australia. Russia could be very interesting place ... I have a neighbour who does a business in Russia (30 - 50% of his time he spends living in Russia), but the family lives in Latvia, probably, he is afraid.

Verslo tinklas from Vilnius said...

TeliaSonera is the most dangerous mafia in Baltics. The growth of revenues come from corrupted network and not from their services. It is much easier and cheaper to have your own pocket telecommuntication regulator rather than to invest and compete. In LIthuania they have been spying competitiors with ACB/ITSS from Cibertec (Costa Rica). And what? Not guilty! Some day mafia style business practices should end up with battles like this.