Monday, September 27, 2004

Chickens in the budget, eggs to be laid :) ??

My kind colleague Madara, who covers the government, pointed out a line in next year's budget showing planned income of LVL 1.136 million from a UMTS licence. Looks like the elusive # 3 UMTS licence that the government last tried to sell in 2002, at the same time, it is rumored, pressuring Latvian Mobile Telephone and Tele2 to buy their UMTS licences for LVL 5.8 million apiece.
I have already pointed out that the "sneak attack" by CDMA-450 operator Triatel has probably killed any chance of holding another auction for the UMTS licence once the moratorium runs out in a few weeks. The government is optimistic. I 'm gonna ask some folks about this tommorrow. Love them dreamers at the Communications Department of the Ministry of Transport.

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