Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Latvia's Mikrotiks challenges WiMax

Mikrotiks (Mikrotikls on the Latvian market), has developed a new high-speed point to multi-point data transmission standard called N-STREME that it believes can achieve the same throughput as WiMax on existing Atheros radio equipment.
John Tully, a director and co-owner of the Riga based company told this blogger that wireless internet equipment using N-STREME could achieve speeds of up to 45 Mbps over a radius of several tens of kilometers, thereby beating WiMax to market. Some test versions of the high speed protocol are in use in Bulgaria and Hungary. Mikrotiks provides WiFi and wireless internet equipment to several hundred small and medium sized WISPs around the world in Africa, Asia, Central America, the US and Latvia. N-STREME is being offered as a free upgrade to existing customers and its final version, due shortly, will be packaged with Mikrotiks systems that include routerboards (made in Ogre, Latvia), radio chipsets and switching software.

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Anonymous said...

Our company are using Mikrotik routers and VPN system. And never had any problems.