Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Don't tell the Hotel Latvia

When I turned on my laptop and logged on to the Lattelekom WiFi hotspot in the Hotel Reval Latvija with a WiFi card I bought with a credit card from hotel staff, I was sure there had been a mistake. I was told I had a zillion (more like 1440) minutes remaining on the net. Sūdiralla, I thought (I won't use English profanity here, yet), now they've hit me for LVL 9.95, but WTF, I can use it up by hanging around former IT person Nick Ustinov's coffee joints (Double Coffee) or something like that. Well, tonight I found the check, and it was for LVL 0.94. Whoops, card sellers! Don't tell them.


Anonymous said...

Anyway wifi rules. Last saturday I tried this service at hotspot in Kipsala (I recently got laptop with wireless card) and felt myself very happy.

Anonymous said...

And I thought WiFi was for free in the coffee joints. They could atleast provide free access to customers who go there... well to have coffee. And check e-mail while they at it. It's not as if e-mail and browsing the web for a few minutes generates enourmous traffic.


Anonymous said...

Now you have much more than just 2 readers :)
(after being linked from pods.lv)

WiFi-wise - your adventures with WiFi card are fun, but I would like to see more free wifi hotspots in Latvia. If you search bbc.co.uk for "Estonia technology" you will see a number of articles regarding Estonia, IT and WiFi in particular.

One of them: Estonia embraces web without wiresOne thing it talks about are free public wifi hotspots [as a part of social infrastructure].

Best regards, CaptSolo

martins grandans said...

I've been using my Lattelekom Ls 0,94 WiFi card for the second month all around the city and if I continue in current pace there will be enough credit at least till the end of year :-)