Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Triatel feelers to Lattelekom

Triatel's chief Mihail Zotov told this blogger in an informal conversation that CDMA 450 would be an excellent, relatively low cost technology for Lattelekom to bring both voice and high-speed internet to remote rural areas. In the Czech Republic, mobile operator Eurotel sold the technology as a kind of wireless DSL. CDMA has relatively wide signal propagation and, if old LMT NMT towers were used, the cost of bringing digital services to the rural dweller would be limited to the cost of the base station. Not a likely solution yet, but better than Lattelekom's ironic suggestion that it would be cheaper to buy apartments at LVL 10 000 in the nearest village for some rural dwellers than to run copper wires to their remote homes.
It looks like Triatel and Lattelekom may have had some contacts on this issue. Zotov says he was politely rebuffed, but perhaps he should persist.
I remember there was a discussion several years back about devoting some part of the GSM spectrum to fixed wireless solutions for Lattelekom, but nothing much came of it. Anyone remember?
I also wonder how RadioDSL is doing? It was a SDSL solution, pretty radical, giving the business user a uplink just as fast as the downlink.
One of my two readers might know :)

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