Saturday, September 25, 2004

Tele2, the next Song please?

The board of directors of Song Networks, the Nordic broadband services network with a link to Tallinn, has recommended accepting a higher cash bid for its shares from Tele2, which has been bidding against Denmark's TDC to take over the company.
If that happens, will Tele2 in the Baltics also consider jumping into the already hot corporate date services market, where Lattelekom, Latvenergo, Latvian Railways, and Baltcom Fiber (owned by a Latvian telecoms and cable TV entrepreneur and a Dutch investor) are active to a greater or lesser extent? I don't know what Linx is up to, but they also have ambitions (and, I believe, fiber) in the region.
An interesting thought. We shall see what happens. However, these musings are sobered by remarks recently heard by this blogger from Latvenergo and Lattelekom that the haven't been building up much of a corporate network client base quite yet. One reason is - there simply aren't that many regional large companies to begin with, and most of the multinationals are hooked up with the global operators.


Anonymous said...

If You want to jump in corporate data services market, You should work for all three Baltic countries.
In Your comment You forgot mentioned TeliaSonera, what installed some months ago their own nodes (for layer 3 services)in all three capitals of Baltic States. Then we could plus Finnet International, Linx (offering global ip traffic and leased lines starting from 2 Mb - they are renting capacity from Energies -, Equant and finally Microlink. Also Elion and Lietuvas Telekomas have nodes in Riga, but not over all three states. Do not calculate Latvian Railways, they have only one project abroud - STM1 to the Moscow with Datagrupa 777 - they are selling only IP.
For my mind, the biggest players in Pan-Baltic market is Lattelekom, Energies aliance and Microlink. Lattelekom have a possibility to be a leader, becouse they expanded network - installed their nodes in Stokholm, Helsinki and now cover all the region.
I don't think, that new players will come - they all could use exicting offers from 3 big!

Juris Kaža said...

Thanks. This is interesting about TeliaSonera nodes in the Baltics. Sort of matches what Lattelekom has done in Finland and Sweden.