Monday, September 20, 2004

Language issues

The fans of this blog (I think there are two, more than some blogs get describing the eating habits of pet canaries) have expressed some regret that I don't post in Latvian. My newspaper, Dienas bizness, doesn't object to my writing for others in languages other than Latvian (I am fluent in English and can manage to write in Swedish getting only a few giggles from my oldest son). But if I write in Latvian, even if it is in a medium that may well be beyond the comprehension of responsible persons (blog, what is a blog?), there could be problems. There have been problems. So for now, I will stick to English and try to avoid too much jargon and American slang so that both my Latvian readers understand. Perhaps someone can re-blog me in Latvian?


Anonymous said...

You have been discovered: Definetly more than two readers from now on :)

Anonymous said...

No problem with language, keep posting.

Anonymous said...

offtopic: paldies par futurshoku (par lietu dabu)! Labais! Iipashi interesanti bija par kosmosu. butu interesanti vel kaut ko uzzinat par nanotehnologijam.

dissapionted said...

You are only posting info about you-post usefull information
your website did not help me at all

dissapionted 2 said...

i agree with dissapionted-you are soooo selfish
give true and factbased information

Juris Kaža said...

RTROTFB ---read the rest of the f**king blog and show some examples of where I post about "myself".